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What does it mean to be BEE compliant?

BEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) compliance is a set of policies and initiatives aimed at promoting economic transformation and redressing past imbalances in South Africa. It involves measures to increase the participation of black people in the economy, such as through ownership, management, employment, and skills development.

Why is it important to be BEE compliant?

BEE compliance is important because it helps to create a more inclusive and equitable society, promotes social cohesion and stability, and contributes to sustainable economic growth and development. It also helps businesses to access new markets, win government contracts, and improve their reputation and competitiveness.

How can BEE on Call help?

BEE On Call can help businesses become compliant with BEE regulations by providing expert advice, training, and support on various aspects of BEE compliance, including ownership, management control, employment equity, skills development, and enterprise and supplier development. Our team of experienced consultants can help businesses to develop and implement a customized BEE strategy that is aligned with their specific needs, objectives, and budget, and that maximizes their BEE scorecard points and benefits.

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